License to grill: Convotherm mini mobile – perfect for professional chefs as grilling season reaches its peakJuly 23, 2019

Eglfing, Germany – What are the biggest challenges when running a mobile kitchen? Ensuring flexibility, working in unfamiliar or cramped spaces and dealing with a constant flux of staff who need to be trained as quickly as possible, to name just a few. But as the Convotherm mini mobile impressively demonstrates, restaurateurs can do all this without compromising on quality. The compact Convotherm mini mobile has integrated water and process water drawers, just one of the features that give it full functionality outside as well as inside. The compact 6.06 mini mobile version can also be used outdoors with a conventional 230 V power supply, giving chefs a combi oven that does everything they need and offers full flexibility.

Grilling season is in full swing, and whether it’s juicy steaks, crispy chicken, grilled fish or vegetables, that unique grilled flavor is more popular than ever before among discerning party guests. The Convotherm mini mobile, which allows a much greater range of food to be cooked and is therefore ideal for meeting the demands of summer BBQs in beer gardens and elsewhere, is an absolute must-have for professional chefs working outdoors.

“With the Convotherm mini mobile we wanted to develop a unit that was particularly well-suited for outdoor use in beer gardens and at other social events, as well as something that could be used by professionals. As this mobile oven can be positioned as close as possible to wherever the food is needed, people don’t have to wait long for their food to arrive, and when it comes it’s as hot as it should be,” explains Paul Patel, Business Development Manager Northern Europe, Welbilt.

Easy to handle and with a wide range of benefits
The Convotherm mini mobile is easy to handle and comes with a variety of practical features: for example, users of the Convotherm 6.06 mini mobile can choose between 400 V high voltage current and 230 V without having to laboriously remove and reposition the plug. It also scores highly when it comes to a fixed water supply – a major challenge for professional chefs when cooking outdoors – thanks to its built-in water drawer that allows quick and easy set-up even without the facilities of a restaurant kitchen. The lightweight all-rounder is small but perfectly formed, with a width of just 51.5 cm and weighing no more than 54 kg, making it perfect for restaurants and eateries that require flexibility, professional-standard cooking and maximum production capacity both indoors and outdoors. The Convotherm mini mobile is available with a full-touchscreen and is extremely easy and intuitive to use, which is a key benefit in an industry with high staff turnover.

BBQs 365 days a year with the Convotherm 4 series
Even if the summer sun goes on strike and demand for outside catering subsides, professional chefs can still offer BBQ dishes on the menu. The Convotherm 4 with optional “ConvoGrill” is the perfect choice in this case, with Natural Smart Climate™ to create optimum grilling chamber conditions and a unique closed ACS+ cooking system to minimize cooking and volume losses when preparing meat dishes. The additional Crisp&Tasty function also produces consistent, unbeatable grilling results 365 days a year – no matter what food is being cooked, it’s as if it had come straight from the grill.

The Convotherm 4 mini mobile allows a wide range of creative recipes and combos to be cooked to meet the demand in grilling season. One outdoor favorite is BBQ chicken, and the all-rounder from Convotherm makes it easy, as you can see in the instructions below.

Recommended recipe from Convotherm using the Convotherm 4 to cook crispy and juicy BBQ chicken:


BBQ chicken

1 chicken (1,000 g)
50 ml olive oil
2 tsp honey
1 clove of garlic (crushed)
Sweet paprika

Make a marinade from the seasoning and the oil and marinate the chicken from all sides.
Grill in the Convotherm 4 easyTouch using the multi-stage profile:
Hot air: 200 ° C, 15 minutes
Hot air: 220 ° C, 20 minutes, Crisp&Tasty level 5
Hot air: 100 ° C, 1 minute, Crisp&Tasty level 5
Hot air: 30 ° C, 1 minute, Crisp&Tasty level 5

Recommended garnish: baked potatoes with herbs. Bon appetit!

Convotherm 6.06 mini mobile
Electric injection
Available as a full-touchscreen or with manual control
Shelves: 6 x 2/3 GN
Power supply: 230 V or 400 V high voltage current

Convotherm 6.10 mini mobile
Electric injection
Available as a full-touchscreen or with manual control
Shelves: 6 x 1/1 GN
Power supply: 400 V (high voltage current) only, not for use with conventional domestic power outlets

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