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mini. compact creativity.

For those with more ideas than space.

The Convotherm mini is a genuine all-rounder. While unbeatably compact, its enormous range of capabilities is a real surprise. Ideal for cafés and snack businesses. For fast food and food to go. For delivery services and restaurants. For maximum creativity in the smallest space.

Over 10 versions

3 different sizes, 6.06, 6.10 and 10.10

Its minimal footprint creates maximum opportunities for the Convotherm mini for everything to do with cooking and baking. It replaces many other appliances, like a deep-fryer, microwave, contact grill, toaster or oven. The mini stands out with speed and high throughput too – enjoy times savings of around 40 percent as compared to traditional cooking systems.

 Convotherm mini 10.10
Convotherm mini 10.10
Convotherm mini 6.10  black matt exterior
Convotherm mini 6.10
black matt exterior
Convotherm mini mobil
Convotherm mini mobil
Convotherm mini easyTouch 2in1
Convotherm mini easyTouch 2in1


At a width of only 51.5 cm, get the best ratio of footprint to load quantity.


Full-fledged combi oven with 3  different cooking modes. Available in 3 different sizes and 10 versions.


Thanks to WiFi and the KitchenConnect® network solution.


Durable quality, low water and energy consumption, high ease of servicing.

Compact all-rounder

for unlimited creativity. creativity. creativity. creativity. creativity. creativity. creativity.

The areas of application for combi ovens cover an extremely broad range of scenarios. And the Convotherm mini family is just as varied. There are more than ten versions, so everyone can find the mini that perfectly meets their needs. Whether for snacks and baked goods, quick or more demanding dishes, across the counter or for delivery – the Convotherm mini always stands out with its perfectly tailored advantages.

Electric Spritzer

Fast steam generation and more compact design using direct water injection.

7” TFT HiRes glass touch display

Brilliant resolution, intuitive operation.

Automatic cooking with Press&Go

Process reliability with up to 399 stored cooking profiles available at the touch of a button.


With WiFi and with KitchenConnect® Solution for networking and data management.

Convotherm mini 10.10


3 levels of traditional baking.

Hygienic surfaces

Door handle and user interface with antibacterial coating.

Door slam function

No manual latching required.

Condensation Hood Pro

Powerful condensation hood deals with vapors and odors.

Convotherm mini product video

Watch all features and advantages

keyviusal Small cafés & snack bars
Convotherm mini 6.10 black

Small cafés & snack bars

If “small & excellent” defines your concept.

Whether a cozy café, small kiosk or snack bar: Serving guests quickly with freshly prepared delicacies in close quarters is a real art. The Convotherm mini masters this challenge brilliantly. It combines minimalistic space requirements with the maximum in flexibility and range of performance.

Small, but powerful: Baking with the mini 6.10

3 sheet pans of croissants at 70 g each in 20 min. = 72 pcs. per hour

4 sheet pans of pizza slices in 12 min. = 120 pcs. per hour

  • Fits in every kitchen & behind every counter
  • Full performance spectrum of a professional combi oven: steaming, baking, roasting, grilling, regeneration, etc.
  • One universal appliance instead of many appliances
  • Unlimited creativity on a minimalistic footprint
  • Large capacity despite small external dimensions
  • Favorite recipes can be saved in the cookbook at the tap of a finger
  • Can also be operated without a hood
  • Fully automatic cleaning
Cafe owner
Keyvisual Cafes with several locations

Cafés with several locations

For tasty variety in all branches.

Cafés that like to pamper their guests with breakfast, midday specials and fresh sandwiches all day long as an attractive form of additional business, can depend on the Convotherm mini as a flexible, multifunctional and reliable all-rounder. What’s more, it can also be networked, which facilitates planning and optimization across different locations.

Convotherm mini 10.10 - Flexibility and diversity
Flexibility and diversity: The capacity of the 10.10 is convincing in every respect. And with the practical stacking kit, two cooking modes in parallel are even possible.
  • An attractive appearance that is an eye-catcher – also in matte black
  • Full performance spectrum on a small footprint: steaming, baking, roasting, grilling, regeneration, etc.
  • Faster and greater capacity than many separate appliances
  • No warming or thawing of frozen baked goods before baking thanks to BakePro
  • Baked goods stay fresh and crisp longer
  • User-friendly automatic cooking with Press&Go
  • Online menu modifications with KitchenConnect®
  • Results in perfectly uniform quality across all branches, even with personnel having little training
  • Optimal hygiene through automatic cleaning

The entire product range at any time: Baking and cooking with the mini 6.10

4 sheet pans of baguettes in 12 min. = 60 pcs. per hour

4 grill racks with chicken breast in 12 min. = 96 pcs. per hour

Keyvisual fastfood
The mini fits seamlessly into any location – and is ideal for foods that are both fast and tasty yet low in fat.

Fast food & food to go

Quality at your fingertips quickly.

The Convotherm mini is totally in its element in the fast food sector, at service stations and everywhere that food to go is served across the counter. With its width of only 51.5 cm, it can be integrated into every kitchen system with ergonomic perfection. It’s the ideal helper to produce standardized foods and snacks quickly and with especially low fat across all locations.

Cool alternative for more flexibility: Mixed loads in the mini 6.10

1 sheet pan of bacon in 6 min. = 150 strips of bacon per hour

1 sheet pan of hash browns in 11 min. = t75 portions per hour

1 sheet pan of chicken nuggets in 10 min. = 6 kg per hour

1 sheet pan of chicken wings in 14 min. = 6 kg per hour

  • A perfect complement to existing equipment
  • Minimized external dimensions, because millimeters often make the difference
  • The perfect solution for new, special-offer or seasonal products
  • Automatic cooking at the tap of a finger
  • Simple operation for the best in process reliability
  • Consistent quality, regardless of who operates the appliance
  • Central trend analysis for each individual location – online with KitchenConnect®
  • Cloud-based remote diagnostics in the event of a problem
  • Perfect cleaning results with low expenditure of time and effort
  • No contact with cleaning fluid for the highest occupational safety
  • Cleaning Scheduler for reliable cleaning at the desired point in time
keyvisual ghost kitchen

Ghost kitchens, Cloud kitchens and the like

The compact all-rounder for delivery service.

The delivery business is growing rapidy and modern concepts such as ghost kitchens or Cloud kitchens are blazing the trail for completely new business models. These allow quick reactions to new trends and the development of foods that are easy to create and specially designed for delivery. An innovative, future-oriented sector – ideal for the compact, versatile and flexible mini.

Convotherm mini 2in1 - Even more flexibility on the smallest footprint
Even more flexibility on the smallest footprint: The mini 2in1 with two separate cooking chambers makes it possible to grill and steam at the same time, for example.
  • Fits in every professional kitchen – even in pop-up kitchens
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Full performance spectrum of a combi oven: steaming, baking, roasting, grilling, regeneration, etc.
  • Replaces things like a grill, deep fryer and cooking pots in the smallest space possible
  • Very easy operation thanks to Press&Go – even at peak times
  • Favorite recipes can be saved in the cookbook at the tap of a finger
  • Consistent quality, regardless of who operates the appliance
  • Optimal hygiene through fully automatic cleaning

Full flexibility in ghost kitchens: Delicious variety in the mini 6.10

4 sheet pans of dim sum in 8 min. = 560 pcs. per hour

4 sheet pans of spring rolls in 10 min. = 240 pcs. per hour

4 sheet pans of burritos in 10 min. = 192 pcs. per hour

4 sheet pans of chicken wings in 14 min. = 24 kg per hour

ordering food with mobile
chef preparing food in ghost kitchen
food delivered by bike
Keyviual Convotherm mini for restaurants
Convotherm mini std. 6.06
The mini Standard is the perfect appliance for experts. For example, in à-la-carte service, where it provides support with all the functions necessary for holding or regeneration.

Restaurants & professional catering kitchens

A powerful little helper in quality kitchens.

The best tools are always in use whenever high quality cuisine is pursued. And that’s why the Convotherm mini is the perfect companion to provide support with the preparation or regeneration of smaller quantities in professional catering kitchens.

  • Fits into every professional kitchen, on the counter or mounted on the wall
  • No hood necessary
  • Full performance spectrum for all cooking methods
  • With TrayTimer, enjoy full control with different, parallel orders
  • Precise maintenance of the core temperature when poaching sensitive pieces of meat
  • The perfect helper for daily mise en place
  • Quick and easy operation both with easyTouch® and using the standard control panel
  • Automatic start preselection, perfect for the break between midday and evening operations
  • No lost time before, after-hours or during service hours thanks to fully automatic cleaning

Smart efficiency:

The Convotherm mini with KitchenConnect®.

Thanks to KitchenConnect®, working with your minis can be exceptionally efficient and customer oriented. Cloud-based networking allows either a handful or more than 1000 appliances to be controlled, monitored and updated from anywhere. And with data and information updated daily, you can optimize your range and processes on an ongoing basis.


The Convotherm Function Management systems:

Innovative performance diversity optimizes your work.

Tempo, quality and flexibility: Your customers and guests demand a great deal from you and your team every day. That’s why the Convotherm mini with its 4 Function Management systems helps you maintain continuous top performance. It takes over many tedious routine tasks and delivers optimized processes and results.

The perfect climate for every food.

Whether steaming, stewing, grilling, gratinating or baking – the Convotherm Climate Management in your Convotherm mini always ensures a perfect cooking climate. Tender and succulent foods are always given just the right amount of moisture, and those that must be crisp and have a nice crust get the perfect touch of extra heat. Naturally, always with optimized efficiency in terms of both time and energy consumption.

Optimal solutions for the best results.

The unique functions and features provided by Convotherm Quality Management help you get food on the table or across the counter in consistent first-class quality. That’s how the mini ensures optimal consistency, volume and freshness in your dishes and baked goods – for satisfied guests and customers, who will look forward to a return visit.

Smart technology for efficient processes.

With its sophisticated combination of intelligent solutions, the Convotherm Production Management system lightens your work load and makes it more reliable and efficient. This means the mini helps you and your team to accomplish peak performance time and again – even when things get a bit crazy in the kitchen.

Effortless cleanliness and uncompromising hygiene.

Both in the kitchen and behind the counter, cleanliness and hygiene are indispensable – but it has to go fast and not be too much work. That’s why the mini, with its Convotherm Cleaning Management, provides you with a whole series of unique features and functions for exceptionally effective, convenient and environmentally friendly cleaning.