Inspired by the masters of their craft.

Anyone who wants to compete with the pros in baking would be well advised to learn from them. For 40 years, we have meticulously analyzed the secrets for success of traditional bakeries – and we have applied them in cooperation with professional bakers the world over to the modern principles of operation found in combi ovens. The result engenders enthusiasm in pros and connoisseurs alike: The Convotherm 4 BAKE.

  • BakePro: Ensures perfect rising, a moist center and an ideal sheen on the crust for small baked goods.

  • Easy-to-use: The icon-based easyTouch® full-touch user interface can be understood by everyone.

  • Integrated baking cookbook: Simplifies your work with preprogrammed baking and cooking recipes.

  • Rise&Ready proofing profiles: 3 proofing levels specially for fresh yeast dough ensure optimal aroma and volume development.

  • Spritzer instead of a boiler: Steam generation like the pros using direct injection of water into the hot cooking chamber.

  • Optimized suction panels: For uniform results throughout the entire cooking chamber.

  • Baking trays and accessories, EN sized

  • Variable fan speed: With 5 settings as well as off.

  • Disappearing door: Saves space and provides more safety.

Convotherm 4 BAKE brochure

Specialist for baked goods. All-rounder for snacks and deli foods.

Perfect cooking climate
Natural Smart ClimateTM: Baked goods absorb the ideal amount of moisture completely natural – for especially long-lasting freshness.

High process reliability
Automatic baking with Press&Go quick-select buttons ensures the best, consistently reproducible results.

For every product, the right mode
Product-specific baking modes for wheat or wholegrain baked goods guarantee optimal success. Additional cooking modes and functions for ideal preparation of snacks and hot meals.

Efficient mixed loads
Simultaneous preparation of different types of baked goods and snacks with top results – thanks to Natural Smart Climate™.

Maximum capacity utilization
Being able to use the full available capacity saves time and money and ensures uninterrupted product availability – even during Peak hours.

Rolling baking and cooking
A smart overview of each individual shelf with mixed loads. You can see down to the second what will be done when.

Additional baking time
For that final touch, add three more minutes at the tap of a finger if needed.


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