Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Sanitization and Hygiene in focus

We understand that hardworking foodservice businesses have many things to consider at this crucial time, with safety and hygiene being two of them. Did you know, your Convotherm oven has a number of built-in features to help?
Convotherm combi ovens have been guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and sanitization for years. These solutions range from being the first world-wide first combi oven manufacturer leading the way in contactless cooking with our ConvoSense combi oven to hygienic door handles that prevent the growth of bacteria on this high touch surface.

Our combi ovens are designed to clean easily, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. This means that you can concentrate more time on what’s most important – your customers. Our control panel – EasyTouch is a full touchscreen and easy to clean. Our ovens boast a unique closed system ACS+ which in times like these guarantee that no germs can enter the cooking chamber during cooking.  

And when it comes to cleaning, our ovens lead the pack with our ConvoClean program. We have a patented Steam Disinfect function that not only sterilizes the cooking chamber but can also be used to sterilize other items in such as cutlery whenever you need it.
Enhanced Sanitation

Enhanced Sanitation through Built In Features 

easyTouch controller

Advanced Closed System

hygienic handles

Press N Go

Convotherm has the widest offering of enhanced sanitation solutions built into their combination ovens. 

easytouch controller
Icon touchscreen is easy to use and clean. Simply wipe. Operate with or without gloves. Set alert times.

Unique Closed System  ACS + 
Convotherm combi ovens are the only combi ovens that can ensure that no fumes or vapors can get into or escape from the cooking chamber during the cooking process unless deliberately opened. Convotherm has the only completely sealed cooking chamber on the market. This is ensured due to our patented ACS+ system. This ensures no room for germs.

Hygienic Handles
Convotherm combi ovens offer additional security against the transmission of germs thanks to hygienic handles made of antibacterial and antimicrobial plastic. The innovative material formula with silver ions resists and inhibits the growth of microorganisms by forming a protective surface against microbes and bacteria, keeping surfaces cleaner, longer. Even with the recommended regular cleaning of the handles, the antibacterial effect remains permanently intact.

With Press&Go, you can start cooking immediately by simply pressing a preset product icon. The preheat, compensation for heat loss, for example when the door is opened or with differing load quantities, as well as the selection of the baking and cooking modes takes place automatically.

Unique Steam Disinfect function 
Convotherm is the only combi oven manufacturer to have a patented steam sterilization process of the oven chamber. In times of Covid-19, the possibility to guarantee total sterilization while cleaning is paramount. The Steam Disinfect patented innovation introduces steam into the cooking cavity at 100 degrees c for 10 minutes at the end of the cleaning process at the simple touch of a button. This sterilizes the cooking chamber.

ConvoSense is the world’s first combi oven, powered by articifial intelligence for fully-automatic cooking. Fitted with ConvoSense, operation of  the combi oven is touch free. This means contact with the user interface is reduced up to 30 times compared to operating a classic 10.10 combi oven with just one full load. Thanks to the fully- automatic product recognition and program control powered by artificial intelligence and sensor technology, ConvoSense makes manual operation of Convotherm combi steamers superfluous - an additional hygiene plus, not only in times of Covid-19.  (Available in EMEA & APAC only)

easy to clean 
ConvoClean+ from Convotherm a fully automatic cleaning program complete with a steam disinfectant cycle, designed to sterilize the cooking chamber.  It is safe for all employees as no contact is made with detergents.

Rated for tough sanitization 
In additional Convotherm’s complete range of combi ovens are IPX 5 certified, meaning they are resistant to tough sanitization processes including alcohol which allows a full disinfection of the kitchen as well as the device.

Steam disinfect


Easy to Clean

Rated for tough sanitation

Enhanced Sanitation through Add On Features  

Cleaning chemicals
Developed for maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. Using fully automatic technology, you can select eco, express or regular mode. A final steam-disinfection and drying cycle guarantee optimum levels of hygiene.  All Convotherm cleaning and care products are optimally balanced for use with the fully automatic ConvoClean+ cleaning system, are biodegradable, and are halal and kosher certified.
Cleaner Drawer
Well designed and practical : Accessories such as cleaners and the water treatment cartridge disappear together in a rolling pull-out drawer under the combi ovens. This not only saves space, it also simplifies cleaning under the appliances because the drawer can be rolled out completely. (EMEA & APAC only)

Enhanced Sanitation through Best Practices  

Shutdown and Restarting Procedures & Checklists - 

Start-up & Shutdown procedures
DownloadDownload the instructions here

Maintenance Checklist
DownloadDownload the instructions here

Please refer to guidelines outlined in each specific product manual for detailed instructions.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Resources:

Watch an overview of Convotherm Enhanced Sanitation Solutions
Enhanced sanitation solutions

Enhanced Sanitation through Quick Ship Program  

Convotherm ovens are available for immediate shipment via our network of stocking distributors. (US and Canada only)
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Convotherm 4 easyTouch ConvoClean+ fully automatic cleaning system

Convotherm Cleaning Solutions

Convotherm mini easyTouch how to start ConvoClean system

Convotherm mini easyTouch how to start the express cleaning


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