Convotherm presents world-first innovation at Host Milano, Cutting-edge Kitchen 4.0 technologyOctober 7, 2019

Eglfing, Germany – Convotherm is presenting innovative products and technologies at Host Milano from October 18-22, 2019 designed to make professional kitchens fit for the future. Unique software solutions for networking appliances, as well as a new technology enabling a new dimension of  automated cooking will provide visitors at the globally leading gastronomy trade fair with exciting new insights into the kitchen of the future. The combi oven specialist will also be launching a new product  to extend the Convotherm mini portfolio.

The future starts now with ConvoSense from Convotherm
The future of automated cooking and baking has begun. With ConvoSense, Convotherm has developed an innovative assistance system for Convotherm combi ovens. The artificial intelligence and cutting-edge sensor technology it employs open up completely new perspectives for food preparation and ensure maximized efficiency and highly consistent results. High-performance sensor technology and robust functionality are the key to this world-first innovation. With ConvoSense, foods are recognized automatically and reliably and the cooking process specifically tailored for the respective food is also selected. What’s more, the revolutionary assistance system operates sustainably and handles energy efficiently. The automatic selection of the optimal cooking program, with as little energy and water consumption as possible, is economically advantageous  as well as serves to protect the environment.

New dimensions in networked cooking with kitchenconnect®
Convotherm is setting new standards in the area of networked cooking and provides restaurateurs with support in the smart world of networked cooking and baking. The innovative kitchenconnect® technology makes this possible and it is revolutionizing the kitchen management of the future. Now, professional chefs can use it to control, update and monitor their appliances from anywhere – Cloud-based and in real time. The data and information acquired also assist professional chefs with the analysis, assessment and optimized planning of processes. In addition, kitchenconnect® unburdens staff and ensures the highest safety, quality and cost-effectiveness in kitchen management. Easy access to the most important production and operating data as well as a central menu update at the touch of a button for one or more locations simultaneously all make daily work routines much easier.

Powerful front extraction hood for the Convotherm mini family
The Convotherm mini will be sporting a new look at Host Milano: The newly developed mini Condensation Hood Pro captures steam effectively when the unit door is opened and from the air vents and thereby ensures a better climate in kitchen and front-of-house areas. Moreover, easy operation pays off in terms of process reliability and user safety. Heavy steam development and the associated moisture will be reduced and eliminated even more powerfully in small professional kitchens thanks to Convotherm’s innovative development. The significantly more comfortable climate in the kitchen which results is a pleasant side effect. The new extraction hood provides clear advantages, particularly for those businesses with front-of-house cooking. This new development scores as well with its unbeatable size (lower profile than comparable units), higher efficiency at the two fan speeds (low & high), uncomplicated replacement of the grease filter as well as easy cleaning. Beyond this, the new condensation hoods are also impressive due to their energy efficiency. During the cooking process, the fan runs at standby and only goes up to full power just before the program is finished and once the door is opened.

The Convotherm innovations ConvoSense, kitchenconnect® and the mini Condensation Hood Pro can be discovered live at the Welbilt stand G32-H23 Pav 2 at HOST Milano in Milan, which takes place October 18-22, 2019 and is open to a professional audience.

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