World’s first combi oven with AI powered fully-automated cooking. The future starts now with ConvoSense from Convotherm.November 11, 2019

Eglfing, Germany. The future of automated cooking and baking has begun. With ConvoSense, Convotherm has developed an innovative assistance system for Convotherm combi ovens. The artificial intelligence and cutting-edge sensor technology employs open up completely new perspectives for food preparation and ensure maximized efficiency and highly consistent results. This world-first innovation was premiered at the HOST international trade fair which took place in Milan October 18-22, 2019.

The future of cooking and baking is automated
“For decades, Convotherm has been working on the task of intelligently preplanning complex cooking processes. We envision that in the hectic daily kitchen routine, common processes will run largely automatically. ConvoSense is a decisive step towards making this vision of automated cooking become a reality. With the newly developed ConvoSense, consistent quality can be achieved faster, more efficiently and more reliably than previously,” says Arndt Manter, Director of Product Management, Convotherm, describing the product innovation with enthusiasm.

With ConvoSense, Convotherm combi ovens are equipped with capabilities comparable to those of the people who operate them. However, they can be deployed with significantly more precision, endurance and reliability. High performance sensors, intelligence and robust functionality are key for this world innovation. With ConvoSense, foods are independently and reliably recognized, and it then selects the individually tailored cooking process developed for the respective food.

Three capabilities form the foundation for automated cooking
Artificial intelligence operates on the basis of algorithms which are similar to the human brain.
The basis for this is three fundamental capabilities required for automated cooking and baking:

1) Recognize: A compact, highly sensitive optical sensor above the door opening in the Convotherm combi oven scans each individual load, including the selected level, as it is inserted.

2) Understand: ConvoSense is tuned individually to the customer-specific products and can therefore identify each type of load in real time.

3) Act: ConvoSense undertakes all of the necessary work steps automatically, functioning as an active assistance system: It chooses the appropriate cooking program in dependence on the food and, if necessary, warns of inadmissible mixed loads instantly.

The advantages offered by ConvoSense are clear: Users of the Convotherm combi oven are significantly relieved of routine tasks, meaning more time is available to them to take care of customers. The optical product recognition and automatic program control provided by ConvoSense ensure a marked increase in process reliability with the best cooking results consistently. With its automated processes, ConvoSense makes time-consuming training for frequently changing personnel by and large superfluous. The accelerated workflows mean considerable time savings for employees and businesses, which translates into financial savings, especially for chain restaurants and retailers with several locations. And another plus: The system operates reliably and error-free at a high level of quality. Inferior products and waste are avoided because ConvoSense undertakes the selection of the cooking program entirely on its own. ConvoSense also scores in terms of sustainability. The revolutionary assistance system operates sustainably and handles energy efficiently. Selection of the optimal cooking program with as little energy and water consumption as possible is not only economically advantageous, it also serves to protect the environment.

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