Kitchen 4.0: With kitchenconnect® Convotherm sets new standards in networked cookingDecember 2, 2019

Eglfing, Germany. …networked kitchen appliances – a dream for many kitchen professionals is now a reality: Convotherm is setting new standards in this area and is supporting the gastronomy sector in the smart world of networked cooking and baking. The innovative kitchenconnect® technology makes this possible and it is revolutionizing the kitchen management of the future. Now, professional chefs can use it to update and monitor their appliances from anywhere – Cloud-based and in real time. The data and information acquired also assist professional chefs with the analysis, assessment and optimized planning of processes. In addition, kitchenconnect® unburdens staff and ensures the highest safety, quality and cost-effectiveness in kitchen management.

“With kitchenconnect®, Convotherm is taking a giant step in the direction of networked cooking and digitalization. The technology we have developed simplifies the management of our appliances. With kitchenconnect®, kitchen operators have a future-oriented solution that allows them to retrieve and analyze guests’ preferences, business peak times and all kinds of data dealing with quality assurance and hygiene at any time. This makes kitchenconnect® a fundamental step in the direction of digitalization in professional kitchens,” says Arndt Manter, Director of Product Management at Convotherm, enthusiastically explaining the new development.

The world of networked professional kitchens is here now
kitchenconnect® can be employed everywhere foods are offered and multiple appliances are in use. No matter whether in retail stores, service stations, bakers, snack bars or in communal catering, the same thing holds true: When speed, efficiency, a varied but standardized product range and reliable standards are important business model components, kitchenconnect® is a valuable asset. Easy access to the most important production and operating data or a central menu update for multiple locations simultaneously at the touch of a button serve to make work routines a great deal easier. Time savings are ensured in menu management as well. With the central menu update function, the user can deliver recipe updates to all appliances at any time with a single click. The information retrieved from the Cloud can be viewed securely and simply for all appliances that are networked with kitchenconnect® and can also be further processed for optimal evaluations, forecasts and process improvements. This means users are always up to date on product cycles, capacity utilization rates and the operating status of their appliances. Time charts, production statistics and precise analysis data deliver maximum information at any time.

kitchenconnect® Easy to use and highly customizable
On various different clearly arranged dashboard levels of the kitchenconnect® application, chefs and operators are given an overview of all appliances and are able to optimize operations in the kitchen or the restaurant. All types of necessary information can be obtained easily with a few clicks. The user can create their own dashboard preferences and access all of the data required for the management of assets, quality, information down to production reports or error protocols. This includes comprehensive appliance information for all aspects of planning, controlling and service.

Quality management, HACCP and control at your fingertip with kitchenconnect®
Quality management requires continuous, regular documentation. Quality control and assurance play an important role everywhere in food service, especially in the area of communal catering. HACCP data can be acquired easily and exported securely with appliances networked using kitchenconnect®. HACCP data are imported to the Cloud for centralized access in real time. And, thanks to the fast and individualized overview of production statistics, kitchenconnect® offers full control over all processes – for optimal efficiency, quality and economy. Transparent and seamless end-to-end documentation ensures optimal product reliability from the raw product to the finished dish.

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