ConvoLink offers complete software solution for Convotherm users September 21, 2017

Eglfing, Germany - Convotherm a Welbilt brand, is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive ConvoLink software solution, enabling Convotherm users to manage and upload cooking profiles, analyze HACCP logs and network appliances. The PC software is available for use with the Convotherm mini, P3 and Convotherm 4 product series and is available as a free download on the Convotherm website

Safe and reliable networking with ConvoLink
With its Ethernet interface, the combi steamers can now be linked together with a LAN and are easily controlled via the software, enabling the appliances to connect to a closed system that is centrally managed. Using the closed system ensures the various types of data are protected against unauthorized access. The combi steamers can be managed individually, or as a part of a group, allowing a uniform user interface to be created simplifying the appliances operation. Convotherm also offers an easily accessible USB port as an alternative to networking the appliance and provides an IPX 5 protection from water jets when the USB stick is removed. As well, HACCP data can also be read, updates carried out and cooking profiles uploaded without a LAN connection.

HACCP management
With ConvoLink, operators can evaluate HACCP data simply and conveniently from a PC. The data is automatically saved on the appliance controller for a minimum of ten days and can be accessed using the software or via a USB stick. The HACCP log provided is based on critical control points defined by the operator, including such information as non-compliance of temperature zones during preparation. The ConvoLink software now makes it possible to carry out a precise evaluation of the data as well as workflow within the business, enabling authorized users to set and apply corrective measures that take effect when triggered by the critical control points.

Simplifying cooking profiles and recipe management
Various cooking profiles are pre-programmed in the combi steamer, simplifying the initial operation of the Convotherm 4.  These profiles can easily be adapted and managed via the ConvoLink software. Recipes and cooking profiles are easily managed and customized by directly loading and sorting them onto the combi steamer via the network or a USB stick, with an option for frequently-used recipe profiles to be highlighted as ‘favorites’, making them quickly selectable during the service periods. Regionally specific cookbooks are also available for free download on the Convotherm website with dishes reflecting a variety of global cuisines adding additional inspiration for chefs.

Convotherm Software Updates

We are pleased to provide you the latest software updates of the Convotherm range.

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The particular software update for Convotherm 4 gas units has to be done by an authorised service partner (there are adjustment steps necessary).

Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

Convotherm Service manuals

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