Convotherm Wins Lean & Green Management AwardNovember 3, 2017

Eglfing, Germany. Convotherm Elektrogeräte, a Welbilt brand is proud to announce it took first place in the “General Production Industry: SMEs” category at the Lean & Green Management Awards. This adds yet another award to Convotherm’s long list of achievements.  The award recognizes Convotherm’s unparalleled results in the area of resource-efficient production.  The ceremony will take place at the Lean & Green Summit on November 28 and 29, 2017 in Munich/Memmingen. 
The Lean & Green Management Award recognizes the most successful approaches to improving resource efficiency by continueing to reduce waste of all resources within the organization.  One of the principal aims of the competition is to generate benefits through the sharing of best practices and networking between different industries, practical operating recommendations and innovative solutions and applications for resource efficiency consistent with Industry 4.0.

“We are honored to have won the Lean & Green Management Award 2017,” says Stefan Dorsch, Head of Production & Operations at Convotherm. “It reflects not only the enormous importance that we attach to sustainability and ‘green production’, but also serves as confirmation of our commitment to efficienty with resources -- not only in our production, but throughout our entire operation.  We consider both to be key elements of our corporate social responsibility.  Winning the Lean & Green Management Award is a confirmation of our commitment to efficiency with resources not only in our production operations, but throughout our entire location as well. Among other things, thisis a testament to  how we analyze all our administrative processes in terms of lean management and resource efficiency as well. It supports our efforts to define, track, and achieve new environmental goals every year, with examples including our efforts to avoid on-peak times and lowering compressed air losses by thirty percent.”

Green production in Eglfing
Convotherm conscientiously pursues responsible environmental policies which was first recognized in 1995 with its ISO 9001 certification, including an addition concerning environmental awareness. This was followed by an ISO 14001 audit in 2000, with Convotherm being one of the first companies in Germany to successfully comply with the environmental standard. 2010 saw yet another milestone, with the production plant in Eglfing meeting all its heating needs through a nearby biomass heating plant cooperative owned by Biomasseheizwerk Untereglfing eG.  This remarkable achievement was surpassed in 2012 – the year Convothem started using renewable energy sources exclusively and reduced its emissions by approximately 1 million kg of CO2 a year as a result. In August 2015, Convotherm was proud to be successfully certified in conformity with the ISO 50001 energy management standard.
Convotherm’s commitment to further protect the environment, Convotherm has incorporated its extensive know-how in the areas of energy efficiency and water consumption into its product development activities for its line of combi steamers. In fact, this has resulted in a product family characterized by exceptional sustainability: Convotherm 4, which is supplemented by a number of features including a water-saving recirculation system for cleaning and the optimized Advanced Closed System (ACS+). These measures not only help the environment, but also the company’s customers, who are able to benefit from lower operating costs thanks to the fact that their units go easy on resources.
Award for unparalleled resource management
The Lean & Green Management Award has been given out by Growtth® Consulting Europe since 2012 as a way of recognizing particularly successful approaches to Industry 4.0 and resource efficiency. GrowtthConsulting Europe specializes in process optimization of order processing. This includes improvements in direct, administrative and supporting areas. Sustainable value stream orientation, efficient project management as well as the introduction and further development of performance management systems are core competencies of the company, which also holds the sole license rights for the Growtth method developed together with Freudenberg. Lean & Green is an initiative of GrowtthConsulting Europe GmbH, combining Lean Management skills and resource efficiency across all company processes.
Within this context, the focus is on acknowledging companies that merge their lean management practices with sustainability and energy efficiency in ways worth emulating. The goal is  to promote the transfer of real-life approaches and the exchange of best practices with top companies across industries and highlight the advantages of good lean and green management. After all, entities that operate without waste (“lean”) and in a sustainable manner (“green”) not only protect the environment and conserve resources, but also lower their costs and accordingly become more competitive.
31 companies from 10 European countries participated in the competition, this year.  Among the finalists were plants located in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.  The award is given in three categories: “Companies/OEM,” “SMEs,” and “Special,” and encompasses any location from the general production industry and automotive sector that employs at least 100 people on-site being eligible to compete.  In addition to Convotherm Elektrogeräte, this year’s Lean and Green Management Award winners included FIAT, Bühler Motor, ASM Assembly Systems, and MAN.
Convotherm Elektrogeräte GmbH
Convotherm Elektrogeräte GmbH is headquartered in the Upper Bavaria municipality of Eglfing, Germany. Since its foundation in 1976, the company has developed state-of-the-art combi steamers. A subsidiary of Welbilt and its international operations, Convotherm currently employs about 270 people.

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