Convotherm® Now Offers Ventless Cooking Models

Eglfing, Germany . . . Convotherm®, a leading combi oven manufacturer, is proud to announce that 20 Convotherm® combi ovens* are now UL Listed ventless. This achievement is yet another example of Convotherm® taking the lead when it comes to innovation within the combi oven market.

UL Listed ventless models of Convotherm® combi ovens will provide multiple benefits to the operator, with significant investment savings. Due to its superior ventless technology, the units do not require additional ventilation hoods, therefore reducing initial installation cost as well as overall energy costs.

ConvothermIn addition to energy savings, ventless Convotherm® combi ovens are now space savers. Whereas a traditional combi oven requires space for both the oven itself as well as space under the ventilation hoods and venting systems, Ventless Convotherm® models require no overhead space. The ventless units now provide even greater flexibility for the operator, especially those with limited kitchen space or those wishing to place the unit front of house.

Since no hood or venting is necessary, operators will have the ability to move the Ventless Convotherm® combi oven to any location in the back of house or front of house, with proper utility hook-ups. Basically, Convotherm® electric ovens can now be placed in locations where installing ventilation is not possible.

“Combi ovens have revolutionized everyday life in the professional kitchen and ventless cooking is the next step in providing an ever more versatile piece of equipment”, states Ralf Klein, General Manager Convotherm®. “This UL Listing is a huge achievement for our Convotherm® combi ovens and delivers increased functionality, versatility and flexibility to current and future customers. We’re delighted to now be able to offer units which provide yet another solution for those with limited space, or those looking to reduce kitchen operation costs.”

*UL Listed Ventless Convotherm® models and Sizes (electric only):
  • Convotherm® mini - 6.10 easyTouch and Standard, 10.10 easyTouch and Standard
  • Convotherm® 4 easyTouch and easyDial controls – 6.10, 6.20, 10.10 and 10.20 available in either generator or boilerless/injector

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