Convotherm celebrates 10 year anniversary of the mini combi steamer technology septiembre 23, 2016

Eglfing, Germany - The new Convotherm mini: Mini Space – Maxi Performance!
“That was the slogan used when we launched the first Convotherm mini on the market at the 2006 Hogatec trade fair. It’s hard to believe that ten years have already passed since the launch of the first Convotherm mini, and demand for the small, fully-featured combi steamer is still rising steadily,” said Ralf Klein, Managing Director at Convotherm.

Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm combi steamer knows how our pioneering products inspire better food preparation. “Your meal. Our mission.“ is the Convotherm philosophy, born of their passion and commitment to provide the best combi steamer solution to meet the varied needs of the customers. Convotherm listened to its customers and needs and wishes and in 2006 demonstrated that it is possible to combine technology and excellence in a compact space with the launch of the first Convotherm mini. With a width of 51.5 cm and a depth of only 59.9 cm, the first 6 x 2/3 GN Convotherm mini was a huge success.  Still today it is one of the most highly regarded combi steamer with the best ratio of cooking chamber size to footprint in the world.

Since the market launch of the 6 x 1/1 mini in September 2008, customers with limited kitchen space who did not want to forgo the capacity of the 1/1 Gastronorm pans got the right unit size within the compact class Convotherm portfolio. The series was then rounded off in 2009 with the 10 x 1/1 and the mini 2in1.

The advent of the mini 2in1 marked the start of another new era for Convotherm Elektrogeräte GmbH as the first of a new generation of combi steamer technology. For the first time, a fully-fledged combi steamer was invented that featured two separate cooking chambers and only a single user interface was required. There were also no compromises concerning the width of the mini 2in1– double capacity at only 51.5 cm. Since then, in addition to the standard knob controls, the mini has also become available with the intuitive easyTouch® full touchscreen user interface. In 2012, the existing mini series was further refined in-line with customers’ requests.

The easyTouch® not only offers users modern operation thanks to the intuitive control using pictograms in Press&Go, but also delivers additional process reliability. The user interface can be optimized to suit workflow requirements and enables anyone to prepare high-quality dishes with the small combi steamer.

“Foodservice is everywhere today – it’s no longer limited to restaurants requiring specialized personnel training. More and more people are requesting to have fresh and healthy food available to them at all times.” observes Ralf Klein, adding: “This trend is also reflected in our constantly expanding range of customers and applications.” The minis are a significant factor both in the snack and healthy fast-food sectors as well as in the field of geriatric catering. They have also become indispensable in satellite kitchens as well, or on cruise ships and in top-flight restaurants, as evidenced by 2015 Bocuse d´Or winner Ørjan Johannessen’s enthusiasm for the sheer versatility of the mini.

Convotherm mini provides all of the functions of a professional combi steamer packed into the most compact space possible. The mini series, with its compact external dimensions, is also perfectly suited for out-of-house operations, demonstrated by the mobile versions 6.06 mini mobile with six 2/3 Gastronorm shelves and 6.10 mini mobile with six 1/1 Gastronorm shelves. The built-in water tank and waste water container, allows for both appliances to be used virtually anywhere as no fixed water supply is required. 

Ralf Klein adds: “The minis are genuine all-round: the Steam, Convection and Hot Steam modes with the “Crisp&Tasty” climate function and the “Press&Go” quick select feature makes the appliances into full-fledged combi steamers. With practical extra functions such as regeneration, low-temperature cooking and further programs, round off the performance spectrum. All minis are equipped with injection steam generation which is the most efficient system for appliances of this size. For additional convenience and reliability, customers can also order the fully automatic “ConvoClean system” as an extra option. The entire mini series is made up of combi steamers in four different sizes and 11 models. The Convotherm offers customers the world’s largest selection of compact combi steamers with customer-oriented solutions to suit individual needs.

Smart chefs have always known: A successful chef is an efficient chef!
And this is precisely where the strengths of Convotherm’s mini lie!

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